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Dental Plans

Denplan Care from £12.94 per month

Denplan is the UK's leading provider of preventive dental care programmes, with over 1.8 million registered patients already enjoying the benefits.

The LHF Dental Plan from £7.70 per month

Leeds hospital fund has 3 dental plans from level one to level three.

As part of Denplan Care you receive Supplementary Insurance which covers you dental emergencies any where in the world.

Patients pay the practice for their care and treatment as normal. they then obtain a receipt and return it to LHF with a completed claim form signed by the dentist. Upon receipt of these documents LHF pay the claim amount directly into the patient's bank account up to policy limits.

Info imageWill I need to pay in advance?

New patients to the practice and patients previously registered at the practice who have not attende....more